The Smartest way to manage your group health programs
Re-Imagining Health Care access

Klinikals Group Health membership solution

Solution features & benefits

A Platform to create, manage and administer group membership health programs whether you have an existing program or want to create your group membership programs. Provide value added services to your members like prescription benefits and other value-added services. Whether you are a provider or pharmacy prescription discount provider create a program, and get running in minutes.

Manage Group Programs

Whether you are a health care provider or a Pharmacy prescription discount provider it is easy to create a program, add value-added benefits. Track program consumption and provide user friendly one stop solution for all your members

Manage Membership

Manage member relationship and engagement, billing and a whole set of ecosystems to track consumption and provide total comprehensive care to your members

Providers Marketplace

With an ever-increasing marketplace subscribers, you can add other services to your program to enrich the value you provide or provide your services to others through our marketplace.

Member Benefits

Members get a low-cost care for all their outpatient services. An easy to access online portal to manage their health records, appointments, telemedicine and even order and track their Rx Drug delivery.

Why create your own healthcare program ?

The Answer is simple and straightforward. The cost of health care insurance is skyrocketing. Even a low-cost health insurance programs have high deductible making it unaffordable for consumers. In addition, insurance programs overhead for billing takes bite into providers bottom line.

Klinikals Group health care platform provides all the tools needed to manage your membership programyou

Usage Scenarios

Platform supports solution to help manage group health membership programs for anyone who wants to provide this to their constituents.

01 Associations and Organization

Congregations, Not for profit association, and other organization who wants to provide high quality health programs to their constituents by negotiating cost and quality of service.

02  Health Clinics & Concierge Medicine

Providers who want to create and manage Direct DCP) or Concierge health services. Add other value-added service to their program like prescription and Diagnostic benefit management solution

03  Self Funded Private Organizations

Employers who provide their own program to their employees can benefit from this soltuion by onboarding thier pre-negotiated providers and providing an autoia

04  Pharmacy Discount programs

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